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Off The Beaten Path - CD

This recording is for sale at the link above at cdbaby and is available for download on i tunes. Crabtree's debut album, "Off the Beaten Path" was released in the spring of 2002. The title track was inspired by southwestern fringe living, as experienced by Crabtree and her friends. In the first lines of the song, we are introduced to a "Dusty, dusty devil, spinnin' lots of sand" who "kicks up her heels and flies across the land" and by the end, we recognize that the song is an autobiographical sketch of the guitar-toting, river-running artist herself: "She's swirlin in an eddy, getting caught in the cane, She gets stuck in that eddy, and swirls around again, She spends her days out on a river raft, She walks off the beaten path."

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Biodiesel Van - CD

A compilation of political folk songs and spoken word about the importance of alternative fuel. Melissa released her first CD, “Off the Beaten Path,” in 2002 and then toured the country in a vegetable-oil powered van to call attention to our nation's addiction to petroleum. Her song "Biodiesel Van" was featured in the film "Fields of Fuel" which won Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. This is a compilation CD of songs and spoken word about alternatives to fossil fuels that includes Julia Butterfly Hill, Tony Furtado and Julie Wolf (of Ani Difranco’s band), Rachel Garlin, and Dune Lankard.

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The Day I Fell in the Water - CD

Folk singer-songwriter, Melissa Crabtree, releases her third album entitled The Day I Fell in the Water. 2012

On The Day I Fell…, songs such as "Spirit Mountain" and "Daisies Talk" paint an honest picture of the muses Crabtree finds in the natural world. However it’s not just her storytelling that’s impressive; Crabtree has a way of incorporating a message into her songs that are both unique and exalting. The song "Bees" is complemented by the fluttering sounds of a mandolin while Crabtree addresses issues of wildlife conservation that she observes. Then there are songs like "The Day I Fell In the Water" and “Water Canyon," which deal with how the natural world has shaped her personal growth, delving more into matters of the heart. Her combination of Folk, Americana, and Country laced with themes of nature is both classic and refreshing—a  genuine window into the soul of a talented songwriter.


The Day I Fell In the Water is packed with talented performers, including Kris Delmhorst, Tony Furtado, Eliza Gilkyson, Libby Kirkpatrick, Julie Wolf, and Andre Moran. The album was mixed and mastered by Mark Hallman (Carole King, Eliza Gilkyson, Will Sexton) at Congress House in Austin, TX.

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Overalls - EP

EP of 5 songs released by Melissa in 2012

featuring Tony Furtado and Julie Wolf.

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2 Places - EP

Two new songs by Melissa featuring Eiza Gilkyson on Harmonies

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