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Melissa Crabtree: News

Crabtree Named Remarkable Woman of Taos - December 20, 2017

Singer/ Songwriter Melissa Crabtree awarded  "Remarkable Woman of Taos, New Mexico."

How To Help - November 24, 2014

Dear Friends and Beloveds of our dear Songstress and River-Lover, Melissa:
Many of you who are close to her know that her normally hard-working, river-running, song-belting ways have been repeatedly disrupted by various serious health concerns for many years now. She has been diagnosed with acute Lyme Disease and has also been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease.

Too often, Lyme Disease infiltrates a person's life so thoroughly but so sneakily, that it is called the Great Imitator. It attacks organs, bodily systems, joints, tendons, and the autonomic nervous system randomly. Lyme and the associated co-infections also seriously compromise cognitive function. The constant intense physical pain, coupled with the utterly random attacks on body and mind, can lead the person with the illness, as well as friends and family, to jump to the conclusion that there is an inherent mental or personality imbalance. Too often, by the time a person receives a diagnosis, the disease has gutted the person's life physically, emotionally, financially, vocationally, and relationally. Such is the case with Melissa.

Many questions about Lyme Disease can be answered in this in depth documentary called "Under Our Skin."

This is our opportunity to strengthen community and connection by demonstrating our support for someone who needs our help right now. Watch the film and find out more.
All of us can help send prayers and healing energy her way.
Help out however you can! Much gratitude for participating.
When we heal one of us, we help heal all of us!

November 22, 2011

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