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Melissa Crabtree: Music

River and Canyon Wall

(Melissa Crabtree)
July 2, 2012
Melissa Crabtree

River and Canyon Wall

The canyon wall has been there for ages of time before the dinosaurs lost their bones in the sedimentary rock. The river started to cut through the sandstone millions of years ago, day by day a companion cutting curves into her walls. A long-term relationship, the water molecules pass by and never stay too long. Never holding onto the sandstone rock, the water is always saying goodbye and always saying hello for years and years. What does the canyon wall want to say to the river? This song is the canyon wall talking to the river, holding the water close and she floats on by.

River and Canyon Wall    By Melissa Crabtree


I am getting old and parts of me are falling

The dark stains that you can see Grow deeper every morning

And I’m tired of holding strong I get chiseled by the wind

I don’t know right from wrong I just let the storms rush in


Well It happened over time It might be hard for you to see

I was carved out by the way the river sang to me

It sang for so many years and now I echo  back it’s tune

Without the waters voice I don’t know what I would do

Yet I cannot hold on no matter how I try

I’ll hold you so close even as you float on by


So now your coming near you think I’m higher then the clouds

But I am getting old and I am breaking down

So come meet me on the ledge the one that holds the weight

Cuz if it falls again you know my heart would break

Come meet me where it’s safe, and we will never say goodbye

I’ll hold you so close, even as you float on by


There’s so much wind on my face, please be gentle with me

And theres so much at stake I hope that you can see

That I’ve been here for years there’s no need for you to cry

I’ll hold you so close, even as you float on by


I’ll hold you so close, even as you float on by