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Melissa Crabtree: Music

Spirit Mountain

(Melissa Crabtree)
Melissa Crabtree

On Alaska's Copper River there are thousands of unnamed peaks that tower above the river corridor. I have spent many summers guiding ten day river trips down the Copper River through the grizzly country and glacial ice, and I always return a different person. Catching wild salmon from a net off the raft every night, singing songs around the fire as wolves howl in the distance, our humanness reconnects with the very nature that we are a part of. My heart was sad after a big love had left my life.. At the base of Spirit Mountain, The only named peak along the river, we made our camp. I spent time practicing qi gong moves that my friend taught me. One move, “Dragon Holds the Pearl of Wisdom” we ask the sun and moon’s energy to cleanse our energy, and fill us with light. How do we hold life through heartbreak and death? Two weeks after I wrote this song, my Mother left her body, and I sang this song to her as she took her last breath.

Spirit Mountain By Melissa Crabtree

Spirit Mountain can you tell me how to hold the moon?
Hold it in my palm don’t let it go too soon
And enlighten the smallest pearl
I’ve been looking for that jewel ever since I was a girl

Spirit mountain can you tell me
How to hold the sun?
Cuz when I stare into those bright rays I always try to run
And my reflection in the water is on fire
She is ripped away so quickly and I am getting so tired

Spirit mountain can you tell me how to let her go?
There’s the biggest river running by carrying melted snow
And I just gave myself away
To the river as she winds downstream forever may I stay

Spirit mountain can you tell me how to hold this life?
When the clouds look like dragons and the thunder pounds all night
And all my dreams are fading away
To a gentle wind blowing down the river I will pray

Repeat first verse